Stereoscopic photo/video montage software


Download 3Denlive for Windows
Download 3Denlive for MacOsX (shell Java version)
Download 3Denlive for PPC64le (shell Java version)
Download 3Denlive for Linux (shell Java version)

  1. unzip the file content on your disk (for example, in a "3Denlive" folder on your desk).
  2. double-click on the 3Denlive (exe) software.

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3Denlive is now an open-source project on GitHub

Mount a stereo photo

  1. click on the + icon on the top left to open a stereo photo (crossed, parallel, or pair).
  2. double-click on the new icon of your photo in the left column.
  3. click on the new clip in the V1 timeline on the bottom.
  4. click on the Automatic alignment icon in the column on the right of the central view. Wait the end of the process.
  5. Ajust the stereoscopic window with the X cursor.
  6. click on the floppy disk on the top right of the central view.
Done !

Create stereo animations

Stereo animation example.
Project you can load with 3De to produce this animation and study it.

Latest screenshot: